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TYHI can manufacture railway wheels, axles, gearboxes and wheelsets, widely used in railway, urban rail, metallurgy, mining, lifting and transportation, port machinery, and electric power industries. Our products has been exported to 50 countries and regions.
TYHI is a professional manufacturing base of mining equipment, it has manufactured more than 1400 sets of 4m³ to 75m³ mining shovels and hydraulic excavators, semi-mobile crushing stations, self-mobile crushing stations, spreaders, discharging cars, crawler transporters and belt conveyors. Our products are widely used in various large open-pit coal mines, iron ore mines and non-ferrous metal mines.
TYHI is a professional manufacturing base for heavy duty cranes and special cranes famous worldwide. It has produced more than 6000 cranes, including 1300t EOT cranes for hydropower stations, 520t ladle crane, the polar cranes for nuclear power plants etc. The metallurgical cranes with capacity above 300t manufactured by TYHI occupies 90% of domestic market share. TYHI products has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions.
TYHI is a specialized production and manufacturing enterprise of steel rolling mill equipment in China. The products include complete sets of seamless steel pipe equipment, complete sets of pipe welding equipment, complete sets of cold and hot plate and strip equipment, complete sets of bar and wire equipment, various types of leveling machines and other products. The company has produced more than 50 complete sets of rolling mill equipment, and the domestic market share is over 70%.
TYHI manufactures a comprehensive range of forging equipment, which includes four kinds of products: various types of extrusion press, forging hydraulic press, punching hydraulic press and hydraulic press of other types. Among these, TYHI has made over 240 sets of large aluminum extrusion presses, occupying 80% of domestic market and 100 sets of large hydraulic press of different types. Forging and pressing products made by TYHI have been exported to more than 10 countries.
TYHI can design and manufacture 1.5MW~8MW series wind turbines and core components including 850 sets of wind turbines in specifications of 1.5MW, 2MW, 2.5MW and 3MW. 5MW offshore wind turbines has been connected to the grid, 8MW offshore wind turbines has been successfully developed. TYHI can provide wind power EPC general contract turnkey projects for users.
TYHI, a large design and manufacture enterprise of coke oven machinery, provide customers with safe, reliable and eco-friendly equipments. TYHI provide heat recovery, top-charging and tamping coke oven machinery of more than 10 ranges of equipments. With a specialized R&D team for coking project, TYHI has the ability to take on general contracting projects of coking, CDQ and desulfurization & de-nitration.
TYHI can provide various of pressure vessels and related products for industries such as coal chemical, Petro-chemical, natural gas, salt chemical and sea water desalinization and provide project general contracting service including design, manufacture, procurement, construction, erection, testing, running and training. A-level qualification for general project contracting and licenses for designing and manufacturing of various of pressure vessels.
TYHI manufacture base for Offshore Engineering Equipment is located in Binhai New Area of Tianjin. The main products cover the fields of offshore Oil & Gas engineering, offshore construction engineering and deep sea fish-farming, including jack-up drilling platform, lift-boat, wind-turbine installation vessel, hydraulic pile driving hammer, rock-embedded drilling machine, whole package of drilling equipments, jacking and locking system, and single point mooring.
TYHI is a professional gear transmission manufacturer which has its main gearbox products for complete sets of convertor tilting device, wind power, cranes, mining excavators, mill machines, offshore drilling platform jack-up system and other standard gearbox products.
TYHI produces various kinds of steel castings with blank weight up to 565t and forgings with blank weight up to 240t. All the products are certified by classification societies.
TYHI supply, design and manufacture various port machinery, including jib crane, ship-to-shore container crane (STS), ship loader, bridge type grab ship unloader, rail mounted container gantry crane (RMG), rubber tried container gantry crane (RTG), goliath crane, bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer and etc.
TYHI is a large professional manufacturer of construction machinery in China. Our products are widely used in hoisting operations in wind power industry, petrochemical industry, road and bridge construction, port and wharf operation, etc. To undertake lifting services for wind power equipment overhaul, factory and mine equipment overhaul, equipment installation, Marine equipment manufacture supervision and municipal construction. Equipment leasing services are also available.
A professional enterprise specialized in rolling mill oil film bearing research and manufacture in China, TYHI provides various specification of oil film bearings, as well as chocks, lubrication system and so on to meet with the requirements of ferrous and nonferrous metals hot strip mills, cold rolling mills and plate mills. More than 1600 rolling mills has been supplied. The domestic market share exceeds 80% and it has been exported to more than 10 countries and regions.
TYHI is a specialized manufacturing base for China's space launch tower and various stage equipment, has provided 10 space launch towers for China's four satellite launch centers and manufactured stage equipment for the Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Paralympic Games and the National Grand Theatre. TYHI is also China's new nuclear power container manufacturing enterprise.
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