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Global Market

Regional Distribution

Aiming to build a global enterprise, TYHI pays equal attention to international and domestic markets. In future years, TYHI will strive to increase the export rate from 20% to 30% and eventually to 50%.

TYHI is building a global marketing network by setting up subsidiaries in India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Germany. Offices and service stations are set up around the world, including Chile, Liberia, Peru, India, Mongolia, Russia, Myanmar, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

Since 2006, with market globalization, TYHI have exported products to 50 countries, including 260 sets of cranes, 50 sets of excavators, 30 sets of coke oven machinery, 8 production lines for seamless tube mill, 3 production lines for spiral welded pipe, 1 production line for rods, 1 production line for in-plane shear, 10 sets of large - scale aluminum extruder, 10 sets of large hydraulic press , 3 sets of plate leveling machine, 450 thousand pieces of axle, 700 thousand pieces of wheel, 70 thousands pairs of wheel-set and several pressure vessels.