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Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (TYHI), the first listed company in Chinese heavy-duty machinery industry, was established in 1998. TYHI was originally known as Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Plant, which was set up in 1950 as the first heavy-duty machinery manufacturing enterprise in China.

The main products cover wind power equipment, train wheel & axle, forging equipment, excavator, crane, rolling mill, coke oven machinery, chemical equipment, offshore equipment, port machinery, construction machinery, nuclear power container, gears, castings & forgings, oil-film bearings and engineering  contracting. Our products widely used in the field of metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, offshore, aerospace, chemical, railway, shipbuilding, environmental protection, etc. TYHI have already supplied more than 2000 types nearly 30000 sets of equipments to national key projects. As a national key enterprise, TYHI has been accredited as “National Treasure” and “Trailbreaker of National Economy”.

TYHI also provide service of road & railway transportation, international freight, heavy-cargo porting, die-cast model, package for electrical & mechanical products and heat treatments  for large and medium-sized castings and forgings.

With strong research and development ability, TYHI had already created more than 400 products which are the first and No.1 in China and in the world. TYHI have national-accredited technical center and key laboratories. Our symbolized products include 20~75 mining excavator, 100t~520t ladle crane, 1200t EOT crane, 20MN~225MN aluminum extrusion press, Φ114~460mm 3-roll continuous rolling mill, Φ720mm seamless pipe mill, 4.3~7.63m top-charging coke oven machinery, 4.3~6.25m tamping coke oven machinery, BGL slagging gasifier, 1.5~5MW wind power equipment, launch tower of “Shen zhou” manned spacecraft, stage equipment for Olympic Games  ceremonies. Among these products the oil film bearing, overhead & gantry crane and gear reducer are nominated as “ Chinese Brand-name Products” and TZ is honored as “Chinese Famous Trademark”. 

TYHI set up subsidiaries in India and Hong Kong, and acquired German CEC engineering and consulting company for cranes.  To follow the “the Belt and Road” strategy, TYHI also set up subsidiaries in Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other countries successively. To speed up the products globalization, our products had been exported to more than 50 countries.