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4000t Offshore Wind Power Generating Equipment Workboat Starting its Construction

Release time:2019-05-10Source:News

Recently, 4000t offshore wind power generating equipment workboat is getting started its construction at Jiangsu Shuntian ship-building company. This project is getting started at the same time both in TZ Tianjin Binhai Base and Yangzhou Shuntian company. The construction period is about 18 months, and it will hand over to user by Oct of 2020.

4000t offshore wind power generating equipment workboat is mainly used for lifting and piling work of offshore wind power generating equipment single pile foundation and lifting work of offshore oil and gas field large production module. This workboat is designed with length of 168.5m,width of 51.8m, depth of 11.8m and equipped with 4000t rotating crane which lifting height can reach to 125m. It can greatly improve the efficiency of offshore windpower construction work.

This is the new breakthrough of our company after self-lifting drilling platform and offshore hydraulic hammer, and it makes great contributes to our country.