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TZ Wharf, Tianjin

We have a heavy-cargo wharf in Binhai New Area, Tianjin, which is the important shipping port for Shanxiequipment manufacturing industry.

The shoreline is 918m, and berth length is 828m including 4 berths of 50, 000 dwt, 3 out-freight sideways and one 10, 000 dwt berth. And the designed lifting capacity is 1400 tons.

TZ wharf is featured for handling extra heavy and huge parts like the assembled whole equipment and goods roll on & off vessel as well as for shipping of steels, bulk material in ton-package, containers for domestic transportation and so on.

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    Dispatch of Port Machinery to Indonesia

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    The Berth

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    Dispatch of The Front Beam of 225MN Aluminum Press

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    Overlook of Heavy Cargo Wharf